Iwasawa Theory Seminar

When : Nov.30, 10:30-12:30
Where : Keio University, Science and Technology (Yagami Campus) 14-733
Who : Masato KURIHARA (Keio)
What : On Sano conjecture

Japanese / Nihon-go

NOTE: This page is an English translation of the Web page (written in Japanese) of Iwasawa Theory Seminar at Keio University by Matsuno. Please let me know if there is an error in translation.

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  1. Oct.27 : Miho AOKI (Tokyo Metro.)
    On the Leopoldt conjecture
  2. Nov.24 : Kazuo MATSUNO (Tokyo)
    On finite $\Lambda$-quotients of the Selmer groups of elliptic curves
  3. Dec.22 : Miho AOKI (Tokyo Metro.)
    Structure of the ideal class groups of fields in the cyclotomic ${\Bbb Z}_p$-extension
  1. Mar. 1 : Yoshitaka HACHIMORI (Tokyo)
    On the triviality of Iwasawa invariants of pure cubic fields (analogue of Fukuda-Komatsu's result)
  2. May 11 : Masato KURIHARA (Tokyo Metro.)
    Iwasawa invariants in Iwasawa theory of elliptic curves
  3. Jul. 6 : Norikazu KUBOTERA (Waseda)
    Leopoldt's conjecture and embedding problems
  4. Oct. 5 : Takae TSUJI (Tokyo)
    On the $\lambda$-invariants of totally real abelian fields
  5. Oct. 5 : Gen YAMAMOTO (Waseda)
    Determination of totally real abelian $2$-fields with $\lambda_2=\mu_2=\nu_2=0$
  6. Nov. 2 : Yoshitaka HACHIMORI (Tokyo)
    On the $\mu$-invariants of Selmer groups
  7. Dec. 6 : Masato KURIHARA (Tokyo Metro.)
    Nekovar's result on the parity conjecture
  1. Jan. 18 : Yasushi MIZUSAWA (Waseda)
    On the class field tower over real quadratic fields and Greenberg's conjecture
  2. Dec.23 : Takae TSUJI (Tokyo)
    The $\lambda$-invariants of abelian fields and ideal class groups
  3. Apr. 5 : Masato KURIHARA (Tokyo Metro)
    Stickelberger ideal and Iwasawa main conjecture
  4. Jun. 7 : Miho AOKI (Tokyo Metro.)
    Local units and Gauss sums
  5. Jun.14 : Takae TSUJI (Tokyo)
    On the Iwasawa $\lambda$-invariants for odd Dirichlet characters
  6. Jun.21 : Ralph Greenberg (Washington)
    Non-abelian Iwasawa theory (some remarks)
  7. Sep.13 : Norikazu KUBOTERA (Waseda)
    On Leopoldt's conjecture
  8. Oct.18 : Manabu OZAKI (Shimane)
    Non-abelian Iwasawa theory over ${\Bbb Z}_p$-extensions
  9. Nov. 8 : Kazuo MATSUNO (Tokyo Metro.)
    Computation of $p$-adic $L$-functoins
  10. Dec.13 : Shinichi KOBAYASHI (Tokyo)
    Iwasawa theory for elliptic curves with supersingular reduction
  1. Jan.10 : Yoshitaka HACHIMORI (Gakushuin)
    Iwasawa theory for $p$-adic Lie extensions
  2. Apr. 4 : Masato KURIHARA (Tokyo Metro.)
    Greither's paper "Some cases of Brumer's conjecture" (Math.Z.233)
  3. May 2 : Satoshi FUJII (Waseda)
    On my master's thesis
  4. Jun. 6 : Tadashi OCHIAI (Tokyo)
    Euler systems for Galois representations and characterization principle of Iwasawa modules
  5. Jul.11 : Tsuyoshi ITOH (Waseda)
    Computation of Iwasawa invariants by using the Stark-Shintani units (a practice)
  6. Oct.10 : Masato KURIHARA (Tokyo Metro.)
    On the structure of ideal class groups of CM-fields
  7. Nov.21 : Yasushi MIZUSAWA (Waseda)
    On the cyclotomic ${\Bbb Z}_2$-extensions and the maximal unramified pro-$2$-extensions of real quadratic fields
  1. Jan. 8 : Manabu OZAKI (Shimane)
  2. Dec. 6 : Yoshitaka HACHIMORI (Gakushuin)
    On a result of Ochi and Venjakov
  3. Jun. 5 : Kazuo MATSUNO (Tokyo Metro.)
    Kida's formula for elliptic curves at $p=2$ and twists
  4. Jul.10 : Manabu OZAKI (Shimane)
    A proof of non-abelian Iwasawa class number formula
  5. Nov.20 : Satoshi FUJII (Waseda)
  1. Jan.10 : Keiji OKANO (Waseda)
    New examples of the maximal unramified pro-$p$-extensions over ${\Bbb Z}_p$-extensions
  2. Dec. 5 : Yasushi MIZUSAWA (Waseda)
    On the maximal unramified pro-$2$-extensions over the cyclotomic ${\Bbb Z}_2$-extensions of imaginary quadratic fields
  3. Apr.15 : Masato KURIHARA (Tokyo Metro.)
    On the structure of ideal class groups of CM-fields, II
  4. May 6 : Shinichi KOBAYASHI (Nagoya)
    Generating functions of two-variable $p$-adic $L$-functions of CM elliptic curves with ordinary reduction and their algbraic characterization (joint work with Kenichi BANNAI)
  5. Jun. 3 : Yoshitaka HACHIMORI (Tokyo)
    On unramified $p$-extensions over ${\Bbb Z}_p$-extensions
  6. Sep. 2 : Tadashi OCHIAI (Osaka)
    Results and perspectives on Iwasawa theory for Hida deformations
  7. Oct. 6 : Kazuo MATSUNO (Tokyo Metro.)
    $\mu_2$-invariants of elliptic curves and partially ramified Iwasawa modules
  8. Nov. 4 : Yasushi MIZUSAWA (Waseda), Manabu OZAKI (Shimane)
    Commutative $2$-class field tower over the cyclotomic ${\Bbb Z}_2$-extensions of imaginary quadratic fields
  1. Jan. 6 : Masato KURIHARA (Tokyo Metro.)
    On certain Kolyvagin systems
  2. Dec. 3 : Miho AOKI (Tokyo Metro.)
    On $K_{2n}({\Bbb Z})$ and Iwasawa modules
  3. Mar. 3 : Rei OTSUKI (Tokyo Metro.)
    On $p$-adic $L$-functions of elliptic curves at supersingular primes
  4. Apr.14 : Kazuo MATSUNO (Tokyo Metro.)
    Construction of elliptic curves with large Iwasawa $\lambda$-invariants and its application
  5. May 12 : Satoshi FUJII (Waseda)
    A description of the relations of certain finitely generated pro-$p$ groups
  6. Jun. 2 : Kensuke ITAKURA (Tokyo)
    Tamagawa number conjecture of Bloch-Kato for Dirichlet motives at the prime $2$
  7. Jul. 7 : Miho AOKI (Tokyo Inst. Tech.)
    On $K_{2i}$ of algebraic integers of cyclotomic fields
  8. Oct. 6 : Keiji OKANO (Waseda)
    On non-abelian $p$-class field towers of certain number fields
  9. Nov.10 : Masato KURIHARA (Keio)
    A $p$-adic study of the rational points of elliptic curves
  10. Dec.15 : Yasushi MIZUSAWA (Sophia)
    On cyclotomic $2$-extensions with metabelian $2$-class field towers
  1. Jan.12 : Keiji OKANO (Waseda)
    Classification of abelian $p$-class field towers over cyclotomic ${\Bbb Z}_p$-extensions of imaginary quadratic fields
  2. Feb. 2 : Taku HONGO (Tokyo Metro.)
  3. Apr.27 : Yoshitaka HACHIMORI (Keio)
    Congruence of Galois representations and Iwasawa invariants in anticyclotomic ${\Bbb Z}_p$-extensions
  4. May 13 : Mayumi KAWACHI (Tokyo Metro.)
    On the leading coefficients of $p$-isogenies over ${\Bbb Q}_p$
  5. Jun.15 : Masato KURIHARA (Keio)
    Ideal class groups of CM fields and Stickelberger elements
  6. Oct. 5 : Christian WUTHRICH (Lausanne/Keio)
    Fine Selmer groups and $p$-adic height pairings
  7. Nov. 2 : Yoshitaka HACHIMORI (Keio)
    Introduction to the non-commutative main conjecture
  8. Dec. 7 : Shin-ichi KOBAYASHI (Nagoya)
    $2$-variable $p$-adic $L$-functions for CM elliptic curves with supersingular reduction
  1. Mar.15 : Rei OTSUKI (Keio)
    On the growth of Selmer groups of an elliptic curve with supersingular reduction in the ${\Bbb Z}_2$-extension (joint work with M. Kurihara)
  2. Apr.14 : Kazuo MATSUNO (Tsuda)
    Computation of $\mu_2$-invariants of elliptic curves
  3. May 12 : Kazuo MATSUNO (Tsuda)
    Computation of $\mu_2$-invariants of elliptic curves, part II
  4. Jun.23 : Satoshi FUJII (Keio)
    On the freeness of the maximal unramified pro-p extensions over cyclotomic ${\Bbb Z}_p$-extensions
  5. Oct.13 : Rei OTSUKI (Keio)
    A map related to Euler systems
  6. Nov.17 : Miho AOKI (Okayama Univ. Sci.)
    On K-groups of CM-fields
  7. Dec.22 : Masato KURIHARA (Keio)
    On Kolyvagin systems and the structure of ideal class groups
  1. Jan.26 : Mayumi KAWACHI (Tokyo Metro.)
    On the leading coefficients of $p$-isogenies over ${\Bbb Q}_p$
  2. Feb.25 : Yuko KATO (Keio)
    On the structure of ideal class groups of cyclotomic fields
  3. Feb.25 : Shuji OIDA (Keio)
    A new construction of $p$-adic $L$-functions
  4. Feb.25 : Keiji OKANO (Waseda)
    Abelianness of the maximal unramified pro-$p$ extensions of the cyclotomic ${\Bbb Z}_p$-extensions of number fields
  5. May 10 : Takashi HARA (Tokyo)
    Noncommutative Iwasawa theory of totally real fields
  6. Jun.14 : Satoshi FUJII (Keio)
    Pseudo-null submodules of the Iwasawa module over ${\Bbb Z}_p^2$-extensions
  7. Jul.12 : Masanori MORISHITA (Kyushu)
    Ideal class groups and higher linking matrices
  8. Nov.22 : Tomokazu KASHIO (Kyoto)
    Stark units and multiple Gamma functions -- real and $p$-adic cases
  1. Feb.28 : Takayuki MORISAWA (Waseda)
    A class number problem in the cyclotomic ${\Bbb Z}_3$-extension of ${\Bbb Q}$
  2. May 16 : Takashi MIURA (Keio)
    On class groups of CM fields
  3. Jun.13 : Satoshi FUJII (Keio)
    Greenberg's conjecture for imaginary quadratic fields and the initial layers of ${\Bbb Z}_p$-extensions
  1. Apr.17 : Rei OTSUKI (Keio)
    On $p$-adic distribution constructed by theta functions in the supersingular case
  2. May 15 : Masataka CHIDA (Kyoto)
    Heegner cycles and central values of $L$-functions of elliptic modular forms
  3. Jun.26 : Takashi HARA (Tokyo)
    Inductive construction of non-commutative $p$-adic zeta functions for totally real number fields
  4. Jul.17 : Kazuaki MURAKAMI (Keio)
    On isomorphism classes of Iwasawa modules
  5. Jul.31 : Shinichi KOBAYASHI (Tohoku)
    On $p$-adic Gross-Zagier formula for supersingular primes
  6. Nov. 6 : Takayuki MORISAWA (Waseda)
    On class numbers of intermediate fields in the $\mathbb{Z}_{p} \times \mathbb{Z}_{q}$-extension of the field of rational numbers
  7. Dec.18 : Yasushi MIZUSAWA (Nagoya Inst. Tech.)
    On tame pro-$p$ Galois groups over basic $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extensions
  1. Apr.23 : Satoshi FUJII (Keio)
    On Iwasawa invariants of $\mathbb{Z}_p$-extensions of an imaginary quadratic field
  2. May 14 : Masato KURIHARA (Keio)
    Galois action on ideal class groups --difference between the case of cyclic extensions and the other cases--
  3. Jun.11 : Takashi MIURA (Keio)
    On Fitting ideals of class groups of CM fields
  4. Jul. 9 : Kazuaki MURAKAMI (Keio)
    On isomorphism classes and invariants of Iwasawa modules
  5. Oct.22 : Satoshi MOCHIZUKI
    Koszul cubes
  6. Nov.26 : Tomokazu KASHIO (Tokyo Univ. Sci.)
    Another proof of Stark's conjecture over the rationals
  1. May 19 : Akiko ITO (Nagoya)
    On imaginary quadratic fields with Iwasawa $\lambda$-invariant $1$
  2. Jun.16 : Filippo A. E. Nuccio Mortarino Majno di Capriglio (Osaka)
    Cyclotomic Units and Greenberg's conjecture
  3. Jul.14 : Satoshi FUJII (Keio)
    Extensions with restricted ramification over $\mathbb{Z}_p^2$-extensions and pseudo-null submodules of Iwasawa modules
  1. May 25 : Yuuki TAKAI (Keio)
    Indivisibility of relative class numbers of totally imaginary quadratic extensions and vanishing of these relative Iwasawa invariants
  2. Jun.15 : Takamichi SANO (Keio)
    New conjectures on Rubin-Stark units
  3. Jul.20 : Takayuki MORISAWA (Keio)
    Height and the $\mathbb{Z}_{p_1}\times\cdots\times\mathbb{Z}_{p_s}$-Extension of $\mathbb{Q}$
  4. Oct. 5 : Yoshitaka HACHIMORI (Tokyo Univ. Sci.)
    Iwasawa theory for positively ramified extensions
  5. Oct.26 : Dohyeong KIM (POSTECH)
    On the transfer congruence between $p$-adic Hecke $L$-functions

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